Fur baby Mocha
Fur baby Willow

And so it was that my dear fur friend Mocha, transitioned last Sunday, exactly one week ago now.   I had been nursing her for around 6 weeks, making special food, helping her wash, even wheel barrowing her around for some physical movement (holding up the back tumour that was preventing her use her legs)  Such is the way for many pet rats.

Mocha had already had 2 lump removals Jan/Feb, which had given her extra time with her friends over the last 8 months.  She would have been 3 years of age next month which is a good age for a rat.

I had been talking to a friend about euthanasia, as this had been my dilemna the whole time, thinking ‘was it kinder to let her go?’, to aid  her transition, but every time, it just didn’t feel the right thing to do.  And so, I delayed.  However, last Sunday, for the first time, Mocha wouldn’t eat and I knew she was very close.  At around 7pm  I sat down to watch ‘What Dreams May Come,’ a film about the afterlife.

As the film got to the part where the spirit of the husband made his wife write down the words ‘I still exist‘ – Mocha literally took a couple of stretches and took leave of her body.  It turned out that a friend I hadn’t been in touch with awhile had also had her rat girl Willow transition exactly one hour earlier than Mocha.  I had felt moved to get in touch just the next day and she told me about her little Willow.

Around 4 days later, I met Mocha in the dream world.  There appeared a mass of living material, sort of dome shaped, around the size of a tennis ball.  There was something inside of it that was trying to move forward but it couldn’t with this mass on top of it.  I lifted it up, and there was Mocha!  I exclaimed in surprise, ‘Mocha’!  And there was my little friend!  She was slim, able to move and without any lumps!  Fully healed.  I lifted her up close to me and that is all I can remember.

This is not uncommon in my experience.  To receive some sort of communication from one of my beloved rat friends after they have crossed the threshold of this physical world.  Some may say it was my subconscious but I know that there is connection with Spirit.  It has been in my experience too often to suggest otherwise.

So, I just wanted to share my little story with you.  And maybe it will bring some comfort to those who have lost their furry friend recently.

I do very much feel that they go on and these dreams of them appearing whole and healed, are because they have been (healed), restored to full health in that other space/dimsension.  I saw my mother there as well and she was youthful and vibrant looking, and she even made a joke about how good she was looking!

This physical world is only one reality, but we are  connected to all timelines of existence, whether physical or non physical.  Connection and communication therefore with our loved ones who have shifted their consciousness to the non physical, seems completely viable and possible if we are but open to it.






2 Replies to “Fur Friends Moving On – Lessons in The Eternal Now”

  • A friend of Anabrese . Who keeps rats.
    Yes I gave experienced same things . With my pet rats. When have passed over.
    Again I thought about euthenasea . For my pet rat Willow. Something told me. I couldn’t put her through the stress of it.
    She had to pass within my company. In her own safe environment.
    An hour before mocha my friends rat passed over. My Willow. Passed around 6.30pm. Same evening. Prior to she was tacky cardiac. I did panic and phoned small animal hospital. Appointment was for 7pm that evening. I would have to set off at 6.40pm. I said quietly for my father to take care of her. He who has passed over himself. And that need him here now. As I finished saying that. She went limo. In my hands. Passed away. Just minuets before I would of left for app.

    I sense this is as a Reiki practitioner. I’ve inot recently rat biscuit in my bed. Since Willow passed.

    I have experienced other situations when family have passed away. My Fran when she passed . Whilst I were in her bedroom. Clicked stopped ticking. Then phone rang. Click started ticking. Stopped again then phone rang.

    There is something energy wise after we pass.

  • Thank you for sharing Alison, it’s so true. And our wee friends right on the 30 past the hour each one before the other. Interesting. So much we don’t know. xx

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