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Welcome All!

I’m Anabrese Neuman, Spiritual Well-being Mentor and Author of ‘Tune Into Bliss‘.

I am passionate about planetary awakening and wish for all beings to live on a planet where they experience a life of joy, freedom and love.

I believe we are all worthy of an abundant and happy life!

My Background

After an awakening where I felt Unity Consciousness with all of life, I felt a deep reverence for all beings on this planet and for our Mother herself.

My spiritual journey began after having a powerful meditation experience in my 20’s where I felt pure bliss throughout my whole body.   It lasted for a few months.  However, what followed was a ‘dark night of the soul’ experience which set me on a path of restoring emotional/mental health balance and aligning to Source once again!

But, I have had more of these experiences dispersed throughout my life.  And a practise of Awareness continues.

I delved into spiritual teachings and the path of self-realization and learned to be the witness.  I also explored Macrobiotics, Raw Foodism

, Ayurveda  Homeopathy and Energy Healing as tools for supporting Awakening and balance.

I’ve been through depression and extreme anxiety that kept me from living and expressing my passions and joy.  But, I have also experienced amazing insights/awakenings and ‘bliss’ states on my expanding self-realization journey.

I learned to listen to my body and intuitive awareness, and to make adjustments that would support emotional/mental/spiritual balance/joy/feelings of freedom/Unity Consciousness.

Today, I continue on this path of self awareness, realization/awakening, and greater expansion into the unknown, as it perpetually reveals its magic and mysteries to me more and more!!  I experience a sense of Oneness with the world around me.

My human teachers have been Barry Long, Adi Da Samraj, Mooji and more recently, Bentinho Massaro, Rupert Shira, Law of One, Nisargadatta, Abraham Hicks and Bashar, and many more.

These teachings inspire me greatly to live in the natural state of peace, joy and to be of service through example.  The natural world and animals are my teachers too!

I believe it is a fascinating time right now for humanity to awaken to live life as our natural joyful selves! And to Unify our Humanity through connection and Service To the benefit of all, as well as replenishing thriving on this planet.

I am qualified in Reiki II and have a diploma in Animal Energy Healing.  I have studied many healing modalities but expanding consciousness is my favourite for epiphanies that lead to peace and enlightenment.

My companion pet rats were also some of my most profound spiritual teachers!!

I believe in the body/mind/spirit connection when it comes to health and happiness.

And so I continue on a path of evolving consciousness just as we all are.  I believe it is our birth right to live abundantly and thrive in all areas of our lives and make a valuable contribution in the world.

I feel a collective planetary awakening is in progress and is important for the health of our planet, her inhabitants and ourselves, in times to come.

It IS within our power to create beautiful lives for ourselves and our loved ones, whilst appreciating and respecting nature, and living in harmony with all the species on this beautiful planet.

My intention/life path is to inspire/support individuals who are looking for tools that will cultivate balance, inner peace and a sense of freedom to be who you are, without restraint.  To be your true self and express yourself authentically and joyfully.

I feel we are all being called to step up at this time and to honour and respect Mother Earth.  It is important that we take aligned action and honour that calling.

So, come join me on the path of peace and awakening so that we can all craft a unique, ecstatic and passionate life that uplifts not only ourselves, but also humanity to happiness and thriving for all.  And so it is!

Love and Light,