Fur Friends Moving On – Lessons in The Eternal Now

Fur baby Mocha
Fur baby Willow

And so it was that my dear fur friend Mocha, transitioned last Sunday, exactly one week ago now.   I had been nursing her for around 6 weeks, making special food, helping her wash, even wheel barrowing her around for some physical movement (holding up the back tumour that was preventing her use her legs)  Such is the way for many pet rats.

Mocha had already had 2 lump removals Jan/Feb, which had given her extra time with her friends over the last 8 months.  She would have been 3 years of age next month which is a good age for a rat.

I had been talking to a friend about euthanasia, as this had been my dilemna the whole time, thinking ‘was it kinder to let her go?’, to aid  her transition, but every time, it just didn’t feel the right thing to do.  And so, I delayed.  However, last Sunday, for the first time, Mocha wouldn’t eat and I knew she was very close.  At around 7pm  I sat down to watch ‘What Dreams May Come,’ a film about the afterlife.

As the film got to the part where the spirit of the husband made his wife write down the words ‘I still exist‘ – Mocha literally took a couple of stretches and took leave of her body.  It turned out that a friend I hadn’t been in touch with awhile had also had her rat girl Willow transition exactly one hour earlier than Mocha.  I had felt moved to get in touch just the next day and she told me about her little Willow.

Around 4 days later, I met Mocha in the dream world.  There appeared a mass of living material, sort of dome shaped, around the size of a tennis ball.  There was something inside of it that was trying to move forward but it couldn’t with this mass on top of it.  I lifted it up, and there was Mocha!  I exclaimed in surprise, ‘Mocha’!  And there was my little friend!  She was slim, able to move and without any lumps!  Fully healed.  I lifted her up close to me and that is all I can remember.

This is not uncommon in my experience.  To receive some sort of communication from one of my beloved rat friends after they have crossed the threshold of this physical world.  Some may say it was my subconscious but I know that there is connection with Spirit.  It has been in my experience too often to suggest otherwise.

So, I just wanted to share my little story with you.  And maybe it will bring some comfort to those who have lost their furry friend recently.

I do very much feel that they go on and these dreams of them appearing whole and healed, are because they have been (healed), restored to full health in that other space/dimsension.  I saw my mother there as well and she was youthful and vibrant looking, and she even made a joke about how good she was looking!

This physical world is only one reality, but we are  connected to all timelines of existence, whether physical or non physical.  Connection and communication therefore with our loved ones who have shifted their consciousness to the non physical, seems completely viable and possible if we are but open to it.





Cheap and Cheerful Health Drink – Green Smoothie

I recently bought a Berg Blender to get back into making massive amount of smoothie to share with friends and family.   I had been using a Kenwood 2 go smoothie maker for the last year or so, which was actually quite good for the job and very economical.  But since I had had a vitamix in the past, I was ready to treat myself to a crazily high powered blender again and one that could handle making nuts butters and icecream.

Berg 1500W

The Berg high powered blender can handle making nut butter, ice cream, chopping up veggies, crushing ice and is good for making raw soups, something I was in the habit of doing some years ago!

The Berg is a fraction of the price of the vitamix at just over £100 at the time of writing, and according to many reviews, it has the same functionality as the Vitamix.  They weren’t wrong!  It also comes with a 7 year warranty!

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center

So, today, after being on soup for a week to recover from a cold, I took the first step at making a green smoothie with the Berg.   And boy, did it perform!  It’s actually pretty smooth and quiet compared to the Vitamix for making smoothies, and I only had to ‘pulse’ it a few times for a super smooth drink.  The ingredients were pretty easy for it to mulch up so it produced a beautifully textured smoothie in no time!

My green drink

2  large handfuls of spinach

4-5 strawberries

2 bananas

drop of vanilla essence

pinch of sea salt

cup of water

I used the ‘smoothie’ pulse button and the machine blended it all up to smooth perfection.  It was yummy too!

A daily green smoothie is very cheap to incorporate into one’s daily diet.  And even if you only had one glass a day, you would be ‘nutritional miles’ ahead.

Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go

Ready to give it a go?   Try a daily green smoothie and see how you feel?  And, you don’t have to invest in a high powered blender like the Berg.  You can start with something simple like the Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go.    I wanted the Berg as I could make more volume and I plan to keep extra in the fridge.   I also desired the increased funcionality  for making nut butters and ice cream.  It is also considered a commercial blender which means it can handle frequent use, such as at classes etc.

Let me know how you get on with the smoothie and feel free to share your favourite smoothie recipe in the comments below.






Feeling Good Matters

Sing Your Tune

Each one of us is a light, a cell in the body of humanity.  A little battery pack that has the ability to generate energy or emit a frequency/vibration that affects the whole.  Your light/energy and contribution to the ‘field’ or radiance of the whole is important and essential.

Your thoughts and emotions are affecting your energy or vibration and how good you can feel in any moment.  You have the opportunity to be conscious of this and navigate how you feel.

Energy is continually available to you and how you use it is up to you.

If you can imagine yourself as a tuning rod or pitch fork, the more ‘in tune’ you are with yourself, conscious of ‘what’ or ‘how’ you are vibrating/toning, the more you can make tiny calibrations so that you can feel better and better.

If you can attune yourself to the source of the sound itself, you can align yourself to feel good all the time and be a ‘light’ rod that contributes to the raising of the good vibes for the whole planet at this time.  This is the responsibility now for each one of us if we wish to live in paradise on earth.

How you feel matters, what you emanate affects the whole.  And, on a positive note, when you are vibrating high and feeling good, you will likely have a better life experience, things will shift for you in your life for the better too!  So, it’s a win-win, are you in?

So how do you make this positive shift to feeling good more and more?

There are many ways but one thing you can do is to make sure you start your day as you mean to go on!

Upon first waking, feed your mind (a good breakfast!) with some positive affirmations such as:-

This is a great day!
Everything is always working out for me.
I am so grateful for……… (think of at least 10 things and ‘feel’ into why)
Good things are always happening to me!
I am loved.
Today there is a perfect unfolding for me and I am so grateful.
I am always in the right place at the right time for my Highest Good.
I feel glad to be alive in these transformative times and know that I have something valuable to contribute.

You get the idea?

Meditating first thing in the morning is also a great thing to do. Connect with the vast spaciousness within, simply allowing thoughts to come and go.   Rest in the pure awareness of Being, your true self and simply be present.  Relax your mind and just Be.

Make it a habit to ‘feel good’.  Generally speaking, we are not ‘trained’ in this way and have to do it purposefully, consciously.

Diminish activity that doesn’t feel good to you.  Your wellbeing and feeling good is crucial for the planet to awaken.  Can you awaken to your true self?  Can you awaken to feeling good?  Yes you can!  Just pay attention to how you feel and take steps to counter balance anytime you feel stress or negative emotion.  Breathe, chill out, walk in nature.  Make your FEELING GOOD THE HIGHEST PRIORITY.  If you don’t it for yourself, no one else will.  No one else can make you feel good.  This is your responsibility.  Will you claim it?  Will you claim your right to feeling good now?  I hope so!  Because when you feel good, you become a permission slip to allow others to do so also.

As each one of us takes responsibility for our own feeling good, we raise the vibration on the planet and positive energy flows for the good of all.  Your positive intentions are needed!

So, will you take that step today?  Start making your wellbeing, your feeling good your TOP PRIORITY.  Do it now.  Thank you, I love you.







Berry Good Smoothie

Berry Smoothie

This is a delicious summer smoothie or dessert! To make it thicker just add more cashews or bananas to suit your preference.

2 handfuls frozen mixed summer berries
2 bananas
1 handful cashew nuts (better if presoaked but ok if unsoaked)
1 teaspoon coconut butter
pinch sea salt (opt)
1 drop of vanilla extract

Add enough water to just cover the ingredients in the blender. Blend on high for a few minutes until smooth and creamy. Add more banana or cashews for extra creaminess if desired. Add more water if needed to make a thinner drink or use less if you want it thicker. Enjoy!

6 Tips For A Happier Day


  1. As soon as you wake up in your bed in the morning, start saying ‘thankyou’ and then think of at least 10 things you are thankful for and get into the ‘feeling’ of why you’re grateful for these things. Keep saying thank you in your mind as you get out of bed and go to the bathroom.  See if you can just spend those first 15 mins of the day just saying ‘thankyou’ Adopting a habit of gratitude and appreciation makes for a happier emotional state of being.
  2. Drink a glass of lemon water which helps to cleanse toxins and hydrate your body. Say ‘thankyou’ for the clean water and take a moment to appreciate the fact you have clean water available to you as well as running hot water for bathing in your home.
  3. Meditate – meditation helps to still the mind and early in the morning before the momentum of the day begins, is a good time to practise.  Light a candle if you like and just sit quietly for 15-20 minutes.  Take a few long breaths  to start and visualise something that feels good to you.  Enjoy this time for yourself. You can imagine being in a lovely place  like a forest or by the ocean with the sunlight coming down through your head and moving through your body, filling you up with light, energy and peace.
  4. After your meditation, say a few affirmations such as ‘this is going to be a really good day’ or ‘everything is always working out for me’ or ‘everything is unfolding this day for my highest good in  perfect timing’ or make up your own positive affirmations that resonate with you.
  5. Then, just go about your day as usual but you’ve set the ‘tone’ for positive expectation and given yourself a peaceful and grounding start that should filter throughout your day, benefitting you in whatever situation you’re faced with.
  6. Before you go to sleep at night, mentally go over your day and remember the best things that happened that day and give thanks.  This implants positive visuals and emotions  before you go to sleep and can help you to have a more peaceful sleep and dreams.

Happy Days!!! 🙂

Chocolate Health Shake

raw choco shake

1 tablespoon hulled hempseed
1 tablespoon gojiberries
1 banana
3 heaped teaspoons raw cacao powder
1 teaspoon lucuma (if you have it)
1 teaspoon maca
2 teaspoons coconut sugar or 1-2 tsp raw honey
pinch sea salt
dash of acai powder (opt)
pinch cayenne or chilli powder

Blend all ingredients with a mug of water and then heat gently in a pot until hot.  Grate a little dark chocolate on top for extra chocolate deliciousness!

Ps. I was drinking this with a squeeze of lemon when I had a cold.  It worked wonders and the cacao and maca really help give you a lift if you’re a bit under par.

Notes on Abundance, Create Your Own Reality with Your Word!

This is quite amazing, this article written about our words being a force for our creations so I’ll just post the link here. It’s all about how our words, which echo our beliefs, create our experiences.  And we have the power to change what we experience by shifting our focus onto what we want to create ie love/trust/abundance/joy or fear/lack/unhappiness etc  The choice is ours.