Feeling S.A.D? Here are my 10 Top Tips to improve your mood and energy.

Welcome to ‘Units of Inspired Action’

The idea is that you do something that is 20-30 minutes in length that has a different vibe e.g listening to music or going for a walk.

I know that when we feel really heavy, we might not ‘feel’ like doing anything.

This is a guide to help shift particularly heavy emotions through ‘Units of Inspired Action’. 

By shifting our focus onto something else for short periods, it helps to create a new pattern or frequency than the ‘mood’ we are currently in. 

It’s a bit like tricking the mind and emotions, shifting them out of a state of being that has arisen from previous thinking and emotions.

And also sometimes, these lower moods can be emotional healing that is going on without a particular ’cause’.

So the idea is not to judge anything that is appearing.  But instead, to gently lift ourselves out of the heaviness we might be feeling.

It’s a simple guide, try it out and see what works for you.

And sending you hugs and a wee push to at least try what’s being suggested here.

There are 2 videos to also support you:-
“Bringing Awareness To Your Experience”

1. Do ONE simple thing you normally enjoy e.g cooking, taking a walk, playing with a pet.

2. Go outside for a walk in nature, to a park, even if only for 20-30, minutes between 12-3pm or whenever there is some sunshine.  Even if the weather is bad, putting on the right clothing and being outside for a while will be beneficial.

3. Take vitamin D3.  human touch or petting an animal is important for social and physical connection.

6. Use an infra-red lamp 15-20 minutes a day.  They have multiple health benefits that improve well-being.

Video No. 2: Practical Actions To Shift SAD Emotions

6. Listen to music or play an instrument. This is a sure-fast way to change the vibe.

7. Watch a comedy movie that makes you laugh.  (Units of Inspired Action was inspired by the comedy film, ‘About A Boy’ where Hugh Grant was a rich playboy
and everything he enjoyed took around 30 minutes!)

8. Prepare ‘Tune Into Bliss’ for an empowering and inspiring book about tapping into more love and joy in your life!

10. Be there for someone else or reach out to a friend.  Being of service to others helps us to get out of our own thinking bubble. 

Taking action to help others can be fulfilling and lets us see that other people also have challenges.  Consider volunteering in your community if low mood is a regular experience.

Remember, all humans experience similar emotions throughout their lives. You are not alone.


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