5 Ways To Increase Oxytocin During Lockdown & Social Isolation

Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced by the hypothalmus in our brains to foster social bonding and trust.

Also known as the ‘the love hormone’, Oxytocin is associated with love and intimacy. This hormone also helps mother and baby bond.

Oxytocin helps to build trust in new relationships through touch and eye contact, and has been known to lower stress and anxiety.

In these present times of Lockdown and Increased Social Isolation, opportunities for creating Oxytocin have been significantly decreased.

At the same time, pornography is on the rise.

Could we see a society seeking more extreme ways to experience the release of Oxytocin, due to the loss of a basic need to connect physically?

In these days of increased phone use and technological ‘entertainment’ distractions, are we at risk of losing our ability to connect on the human level?

Will we see the rise of depression and social anxiety as a result of a deficit of Oxytocin?

Keep reading to discover 5 Ways To Naturally Increase the Release of Oxytocin.

5 Ways To Naturally Increase the Release of Oxytocin During Lockdown

1. Socialise in any way you can.

Make connections with people and animals every day by leaving your house. Go for a walk and smile at people you pass. Every little counts!

The importance of smiling has been somewhat literally wiped off of our faces through the wearing of masks!

Where possible, try socially distancing with your mask off. This allows for essential facial gesturing, smiling and eye contact which releases Oxytocin.

If you are in a ‘bubble’, you can go see that person and have a hug!

Hugging and human touch releases Oxytocin, increasing social connection and trust.

2. Daylight and Living Foods

Eating well during this time is important for your health and vitality. Living foods have bio-available energy that will give you vitality and an extra energy boost.

Raw and Living Foods are also packed with anti-oxidants that will help combat stress levels due to lockdown.

Adding essential vitamins and minerals into your diet during social isolation will also increase your ability to handle any stress and support health and well being.

3. Luxurious Salt Baths

Sea salt baths have a grounding element to them that provides a sense of calm and stability of mood.

Sea salt is high in Magnesium which relaxes muscles and the nervous system.

Give yourself a warm hug by adding your favourite bubble bath and essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender and Coconut.

4. Connect with a friend or family member on the phone or through a video chat.

Again, this offers you a chance to have eye contact and stay connected in a social way.

Watching positive You Tube channels will also help.

Even though you might not feel like reaching out to others, afterwards, there will be a ‘feel good’ factor due to the release of Oxytocin.

It helps us to keep in touch in an ever increasing technological age.

5. Sunbathing or Infra-red Lamps

Sunbathing is good for you as we all know!

Even a short session of 20 minutes in daylight or sitting in the warmth of the sun will produce Oxytocin and give you a good feeling.

When we connect with another human, there is a warmth generated through mutual infra-red energy from our hearts and bodies.

Sunbathing will bring physical warmth and comfort and feelings of wellbeing in times of less social interaction.

I hope you found this article useful. I am sending you a very big virtual hug and love!

Stay Connected! 🙂


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