This is an abundant universe.  Look at how nature provides for all her kindred beings of the land.

There is always enough and when there isn’t, it will be a natural cleansing/recycling, followed by renewal.  Nature shows us that the natur-al law for beings on this earth is abundance.   If that hadn’t been the case for our ancestors, we would not be here today.

The present system in place gives paltry reward to those who are able bodied/minded who can be productive or creative.   If someone is unable to be productive/creative, and falls off the ‘product line’ so to speak, they are excluded in a way by a capitalist ‘productivity=financial reward’ system.

However, it is not the truth that ‘lack’ is the natural way, or is real in itself.  For everything here is illusory, created for us to interact with, learn and grow, including the system.

The present system in place (schooling, employment, religion) has been generated by those who had the means to create an enslaved population (with the illusion of freedom), as a means to an end, to their end and benefit.  But, it is crumbling!

People are becoming wise and waking up to the illusory veil that has kept them small.  We are learning to become the powerful creative beings that we truly are.  The truth that we are Infinite Beings of Intelligence with Creative Ability.  We can create change in the world.  The ‘secrets’ are being revealed/disclosed.

For those of us who are able to create and be productive, we can empower ourselves and be examples to assist our brothers and sisters in waking up to their innate power.  This power is within every single one of us!  Joyful living and thriving are possible and part of our birthright, just as the wildlife enjoy abundance and connection with the pure energy of Being-ness.

Wake up to your power.  Wake up!  Declare it and assume yourself worthy and powerful.

This is how we unify and stand up for equality, not just for ourselves, but for all our brothers and sisters.  As we awaken and confidently express from our soul, our heart’s mission, we encourage everyone to do it for themselves, thus creating the kind of world we all desire to live in.

We are naturally oriented toward love, harmony, unity consciousness.

Let us unify our consciousness of the One, in love, and punch holes/perforate the system with one empowering belief at a time.  You/we can do it!

Learn to annihilate limiting beliefs that keep you feeling small.  Rise above them, replace them with other beliefs about how amazing you truly are!!

Everything you have believed so far has been a programme anyway.  Create a new programme for yourself and download it into your circuit board, your mind and emotions.  See it, feel it, be it, as you wish to be.  Activate your creative imagination.  Empower yourself.

It is a miracle you can breathe today, be grateful to just be alive in these exciting times, knowing you can enrich humanity with just your presence alone!  The fact that you/I exist is fucking awesome!!!

Be confident!  Start creating the world you wish to see by believing it can be so….because it can.  Know, trust, act.

Let others know how amazing they are through your example.  Be the lighthouse.

Your worthiness to enjoy this gift of life and to love, give and receive for the enrichment of not just your own life, but for everyone else’s as well.  We are One.

I love you.



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