Shield Yourself From Negative Thoughts

It’s easy to forget sometimes the Power of the Human Spirit. The ability we have to overcome just about anything, even the most difficult emotions.

Take grief, for example, it has many twists and turns and phases/stages. Even apathy and indifference are its guises.

AT some point, however, we have the choice to stay in these emotions and indulge them, being entrapped by their trickery, OR, to empower ourselves to tell these life-sucking leaching energies, where to go!

You Are The One To Choose

So, we DO have the power of choice, and it WILL take strength and Inner Determination, but we can be Wonder Woman or Neo and say NO to the most tyrannous, alluring, and deceptive self-deprecating, jackass downward spiraling thoughts and emotions.

Go to it, Bravehearts! ❤

Love and Light

Anabrese Neuman

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