1:1 Spiritual Well-being Mentoring

Feeling like you need support on your Spiritual Awakening/Consciousness Journey?
Are you anxious about an aspect of your life?  Relationship? Work?
Have you had a major life shift and need additional support in adjusting?
Have you lost confidence and need help in re-inventing yourself with new goals and aspirations?

Don’t worry!  You are not alone.  I am here for you.

As a Spiritual Mentor and Energy Intuitive, I will help you to hear your own intuitive wisdom, your heart’s guidance and will be supportive for you in your unique situation. I have over 30 years experience on the Conscious Journey (See ‘About Me’)

The guidance and tools I will share with you will be unique to YOUR specific situation and concern.
We will work together to support you into feeling happier and freer, as an empowered and confident Being.

Rediscover your Magnificence, Intuitive Power and Divine Connection to Higher Self/Source.  

Effortlessly heal and balance the emotional body.

Gain confidence in your Divine Talents and start living as the Creator of your life!

Mentoring Themes Include: –
*Shifting into Empowering & Freeing Perspectives
*Self/Source Realization/Awakening
*Mental/Emotional Balancing
*Confidence Building
*Life Mission
*Energy Healing Tools
*De-stressing & Relief from Anxiety
*Harmonious & Conscious Love Relationships
*Soulmate/Twin Flame Rebalancing & Integration
*Plant Based Diet Transition

Confidential 1 hour Zoom Session with Anabrese


*1:1 Confidential Mentoring Session about your specific challenge with empowering + uplifting guidance to bring relief and resolution

* pdf summary sent within 1-3 days with additional insights and guidance for you to consider and implement.

To book a session, please follow the paypal link below.
Send me a quick message via Facebook to let me know when you’ve paid, and we can arrange a time/date.


1 hour Zoom Session @ $120

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