Tune Into Bliss

“Tune Into Bliss” by Anabrese Neuman is about re-discovering your true self and tapping into your unlimited power so that you can live joyfully with purpose and peace.

Discover what’s been holding you back in life and how you can overcome conditioned beliefs so that you can be your true self. Know that you have a unique assignment in life with gifts and talents to share to benefit the conscious evolution of humanity.

Learn why it’s important that you don’t hide anymore and how to trust your own inner guidance to express yourself fearlessly and with confidence. Find out how you can get clear and manage your emotions in a way that is empowering and free from struggle.

Discover how you can overcome psychological suffering and empower yourself. It is important more than ever for you to reclaim your power and realize greater states of joy, freedom and bliss. Release resistance as you meditate and ‘Tune into Bliss’, to allow a sense of peace to permeate your being throughout your day.