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3 Foundational Practises for Inner Joy, Fulfilment and Peace

I would like to share with you 3 foundational practises that will help you to live joyfully in the present moment, feel a sense of Oneness and Connection with Source and all of Life.

These practises, if applied, will align you with your natural state where you can experience peace, joy, wellbeing, bliss and Oneness with all around you.

We are all conscious beings having a physical experience in the body.  What we think and believe is true will be reflected back to us through The Law of Attraction.

As Conscious Creators, we have the power to influence our experience here and as such, we also have enormous ability to be of great service to the rest of our ‘selves’, for we, humanity, and all living beings, are One.

So, let me dive into the 3 practises that can support your alignment as your Divine self, feeling totally free, natural, and just happy to be alive here and now.

1. Appreciate Nature
We are at a cross roads in our collective evolution where people are realizing that not all is what it seems!  We have the opportunity to live from a place of Oneness, to realize and wake up to our true Divine Being-ness, and to actualize that expression in the world.

Our God-Is-ness always Is, we just haven’t been aware of it.

One of the ways we can naturally abide in stillness, and thus re-cognize our true nature, is by being more appreciative of Nature herself.  Being in nature helps us to slow down and has a calming effect on the mind.

Since we are One with Life itself, when we acknowledge and give our attention to and appreciate nature, we feel nourished and vibrant.

Being in nature rejuvenates us.

In our increasingly technological society, where we have our eyes and mind on our mobile devices for much of the day, we are forgetting to look up and around us, at the natural world.

Did you listen to/notice/feel the birdsong today?

The bird population as well as other species, has been declining and if we don’t start giving our attention to nature, we might just find that one day she is empty of life forms…. what a loss that would be!

As our (human) population has been increasing, we are infringing on the habitats of other species as the need for housing and feeding ourselves increases.

Nature is nurturing, relaxing and calms our nervous system.

There is an energetic field in the woodland that helps to harmonize/illuminate our own auric field.  No wonder we feel so good!  WE are literally glowing as we are in the most dense bio energy field available to us on the planet!  Pure Living Energy!

We came from nature and lived in tune with her natural rhythms.
Now we need to return to and restore the garden that we have been neglecting, within and without.

Nature is in harmony with your natur-al self.

The colour we see mostly in nature is green, the colour of the heart chakra.

Without the pulse of the heart, the pulse of the Universe, life could not be.

It is balancing for our bodies to walk in nature, in the woods, by the ocean etc.

Dear sisters and brothers, you are an Earthling!!! You are not the Borg, half man, half metal!

You are made from the cosmos, your living cells dance and vibrate every nano second.

You are designed for the natural world.

The Great Mother gives us Oxygen, the air we need to breathe.   If we continue to take from her, we are literally denying ourselves and our children of a more pleasant life and natural world to enjoy.

Start appreciating nature today, you won’t regret it.

What you appreciate expands.  It’s the law.  You attract more of what you give your attention to. You can’t be depressed when you’re in appreciation!

Loving nature is also loving yourself!

Start appreciating nature today, she is you, and you are her.


  1. Meditate

Meditation is a must in re-discovering your inner most sense of Self.
When you meditate, you connect with your higher wisdom, truth and ‘I Am’ existence.

The real YOU is beyond your thoughts and emotions.  You are ONE with the infinite eternal Mind of God.  You are that.

Meditating every .day will allow your mind and body to relax.
It is well documented that meditation relieves stress and helps to centre oneself.

And again, in this speedy technological daily fuzz….. all these transmissions, information overload…we need to take time out, to breathe, to slow down…. and just Be.

Take time to connect with your inner being/Source today.
This is your lifeline, literally.

Meditation is your opportunity to recharge, to give all concerns and worries to God/The Universe.  You can ask questions of this infinite intelligence about certain things you need help with.  You are never alone in that sense.

You have a Higher Power within you!

Infinite Love is available at all times, to help you.  This Infinite Universal mind that knows all and knows what is best for your happiness, your wellbeing, your balance.  Simply ask, relax and listen.

3. Eat a plant based diet
As human awareness expands about the consequences of our actions in ecological terms, there is a huge movement growing towards adopting a 100% plant based diet i.e vegan.

For the ecological considerations, it has been proven that a plant based diet will cut our carbon footprint by as much as 70%.

A plant based diet is kinder to the planet and compassionate to animals, as well as being highly recommended for good health.

The vegan diet is respectful of life and all beings right to life.  Following a plant based diet can increase our appreciation and reverence of nature.

Mercy For Animals (pic)

Eating natural plant food tunes you into the natural rhythms/cycles of nature.

Plant foods, and in particular, green leafy vegetables are very alkalizing for the body.  Alkalizing your body assists in calming the nervous system, which makes it easier to slow down and meditate.

I believe a plant based diet assists in having deeper meditative states.

An alkaline diet helps you drop down, and relax, so it’s a good preparation for meditation, as well as providing a good baseline for well being.

Eating a plant based diet is the compassionate way forward in our conscious-love-expanding evolution.

We connect more with other sentient beings when we go vegan.  After I was vegan for 4 years and practising presence, I had an awakening and I felt Oneness with all living beings – nature, people and animals.  This knowing of the Oneness within all of life has continued within me, and is the core theme of my continued realization today” – Anabrese Neuman 

photo David Swan

Dr Gabriel Cousens MD, plant based nutritionist and scientist, recommends eating a raw plant based diet for spiritual awakening and physical well being.

There is plenty of proven evidence, health-wise and ecological wise, to support the reasons for switching to a plant based diet.

I highly recommend you consider a vegan diet as one of these 3 practises for expanding consciousness and joyful wellbeing.

I believe we will be happier humans when we do not take another’s freewill to live their lives away from them – Anabrese Neuman

So, that’s the 3 foundational practises for well being, bliss and greater connection with yourself, life all around you, as the One Divine Being, that YOU ARE!

God is everywhere if you just look within and all around you.

We are all One, and blessed to be here on this planet at this time.

Life is a gift.

When you feel that sense of Oneness, you will know that all is One and you will feel to be of service to your other selves, by whatever theme you are inspired by!

Use your talents to express your unique being-ness in the world.

Everyone desires upliftment as well as balanced and happy role models at this time.

You will know when you are ready to do that.

You are part of this big puzzle of Life and you are an important part of the whole…. you can make a difference by taking responsibility for your state of being, embracing compassion for other living beings, and living lightly on the planet.

Nature needs YOU to wake up to your untapped potential, and to use it to benefit the whole.  Be the change.

We are being called to awaken to our own Divine power to create positive change.  Know that you are contributing by being your authentic self.

We are remembering we are powerful Creators.

No ONE living being need be a slave no more!

It’s not about handing over responsibility to the government anymore and waiting for things to change, it’s now down to each one of us.  Don’t wait.

We are the collective and we have power!
Let’s unify our vision for an awakened responsible civilization that is kind, compassionate and giving.

Are YOU ready to wake up, evolve and shine your light?!  Go to it with confidence and courage.  You are loved and supported.

Love and Light,


Anabrese Neuman is the author of ‘Tune Into Bliss’ on Amazon


Bohemian Rhapsody Inspiration – Free Your Voice

The film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is causing quite a stir since it’s release this last week, and rightly so.

Freddie Mercury, as a singer, was an amazing front man for an incredible band which turned the world of rock music on its head.

I feel that the timing of the release of this movie is nicely aligned with the present astrological influences going on, where ‘energy forecasts’ are saying that we are entering a time where we are being called to speak our truth. To become an authentic expression of our being and to not be afraid of our feelings and passion.

It seems that we are being guided to use our voices for what we are passionate about and feel in our hearts. This is where Freddie comes in, I believe. He used his voice to it’s fullest potential, not holding back how he felt. He loved lyrics and sang them from his soul with feeling.

Freddie totally embodied the message and emotion of his songs. He was unique and wasn’t afraid to strut on stage and have fun. He had the balls to express himself without the need for approval. He knew the music would speak to those who resonated with it and created the music he loved. He knew what he wanted to create and got on with it.

I feel there are lessons to learn from Freddie, about the confidence to express and use our voices more today.

We can take a leaf out of Freddie’s (song) book and express our truth from our hearts with confidence. The way is open to do so and I feel the film will stimulate the fire and passion in many of us and inspire us to speak out and ‘walk our talk’ or even ‘talk our walk!’

Freddie was the leader of his band and audience, and yet off stage, was quiet and humble.

Let us, as inspiring figures in this new age, embody the balance of confidence with humility, and be honoured to express our truth and joy with passion, as we inspire others from a place of compassion and peace.

For me, as a singer who grew up in the 70’s, Freddie was an influence and I saw Queen live at their last ‘gig’ in ’86.

There was a little bit of Freddie in me when I was on stage. I loved to perform and walk around and express my lyrics passionately.

This last year, I performed in July and haven’t sung since then. I was thinking maybe it was time to give it up. But now, Freddie has come along to inspire me again! To remind me to share my songs, the ones close to my heart.

Maybe I will sing new songs or maybe I will write and speak through video or talks, sharing nuggets of wisdom and insights. Whatever the platform, I feel it is time for all of us to ‘free our voice’, and allow it to be a God-given vehicle for expressing from the heart.

This heart sharing will change how we relate to one another, in a more open, connective way.  I can only see this as being fundamental as we move forward into a more conscious era.

I found a lyric sheet the other day of an older song I had written. The first line was, ‘Go with your heart, make a brand new start’.  Was it a message for me? For you?

Is it time for your to speak up?

To celebrate who you are and to inspire others to do the same?

Just like Freddie?

Is the mercury rising inside of you, bubbling up to express the unique you? Go for it!

Don’t wait. As the great Freddie sang, ‘Time waits for nobody’.

Thank you Freddie!  We all love you.

Love and Light, Anabrese

Anabrese’s inspiring ebook ‘Tune Into Bliss’ is available on Amazon

You Are Healthy & Whole Already

This came through in meditation this morning, just sharing <3 May be of some help to someone. It's as much for me at this time as for anyone else who may find it useful. With love, empathy and compassion for the whole <3 ********************************* Bodily symptoms are your Higher Guidance speaking to you. The body is a self healing machine. It is always governed by Higher Intelligence and orienting it's cells in restoring equilibrium and your highest health/wellness. Since you are one with Source, we could say, it's your body talking to you to let you know of some misalignment on the environmental/physical/emotional/mental plane. All bodily beings are instinctively 'life expanding' oriented. You are always already perfect at Source Being-ness. You can always align with Source by relaxing and releasing the mind. The usual tendency of mind is to react/resist/complain/see the symptoms as negative i.e feel contracted around the idea of limitation. However, symptoms are appearances/energetic anomalies on the landscape of pure Being-ness, and as such, are negotiable, or transformable at the energetic level i.e they can be altered/transmuted/dissolved in another timeline/parallel reality that you have the power to co-create. So, instead of cursing or resisting symptoms, you can appreciate that this 'current expression' is a function of Higher Mind, to help you, to protect you, and to elevate you to a higher understanding of beliefs/causes on all levels of your Being. They (symptoms) can be seen as teachers on your life's journey, for the purposes of growth, expansion etc. And when we can appreciate/view the symptoms/appearances as teachers, we can release the resistance, which free's up energy in the body to flow. We can receive the Higher Mind 'downloads', that can bring solutions on any level e.g health supporting aids or an empowering perspective. We can receive the inspiration to take any 'baby steps' to support well-being. Solution based asking/enquiry transforms disempowerment or hopelessness into being a co-creator with Source Energy, that is who you are! Know that health/wholeness is always possible and that your Higher Self knows this truth/availability as 100% natural for you. You are not your body or your thoughts about all that happens or doesn't happen. And this releasing attachment to bodily conditions can be the great teacher itself, into the realization of the One true abiding Self. Know that you are always free, here and now. You are always loved and supported by Higher Being for you to feel well and good, and know that well-being is possible and natural. Again, the symptoms can be seen as signposts for our role in learning something valuable for our journey and ultimately, to share for the benefit of the whole. It can be a challenge for sure, and this sharing is not to deny or underplay the challenge you have undertaken. For it seems to be part of our collective journey (for many beings), this experience of all sorts of bodily conditions, often painful etc. Love and light to us all <3 I wish you well on your/our realization of wholeness, as the One Infinite Creator, one and all <3 Thank you for your courage and grace, I love you. Infinite Peace and Wellness Blessings.

Baby Blue Flies Home

It was a very hot summer’s afternoon and I was just seeing my good friend leave,  when we came across a young Jackdaw just outside my door on the garden path.

Somehow, I felt an intuitive sense that the little bird needed my help and saw that he couldn’t fly up off the ground.  He made his way round the side of the garden and I saw him go into the bin bunker.

I went to get a small animal carrier out of the boot of my car, and then went to check on the little one.

I found the little bird hiding behind the bins in the dark and underneath some tarpaulin sheets.  The wee thing was obviously just looking for safety and rest.  I carefully put some fleece over him and carefully lifted him into the carrier.


I have had pet rats for some years and my last girl, Kira had recently passed away about 4 weeks previous to this meeting with the bird.  I had been procrastinating taking the rat toys out of the cage and putting them away, as I was still feeling too much emotion about it.  And yet, that morning, I had cleaned a little area in the rat cage and was feeling closer to being able to start cleaning/sorting through the rats’ housing.

And so, conveniently, I had the large top part of the cage to put the little bird in whilst I could assess his condition.  There didn’t appear to be any obvious injury, except for the wings appearing a little ruffled.

And so it happened, that for practical reasons, there I was, taking some of the rat toys down and making space for the little bird to nest and rest.

I didn’t think too much about changing the cage things around because it was a requirement and in aid of helping the little bird!

I used some of the rat fleece and a wooden hut that had been Kira’s bed for the 9 weeks I had been nursing her.  I turned the hut on its’ side and it made the perfect little ‘nest’ enclosure for the jackdaw.

The little bird wasn’t too timid.  In fact, after putting him into the cage, he quite happily and trustingly perched upon my arm and nestled down to sleep right there!

I was touched by his trusting nature and presence.  It was clear now that the wee soul was exhausted.  I got him some water with a few drops of rescue remedy in it and he drank a fair amount.

It was a very touching experience that the little one trusted me so quickly and seemed quite content once he realized I was there to help.

I had been through a similar experience once before with a young jackdaw a few years back that had been attacked by magpies.  And so, this experience was very similar and familiar.

I believe the combination of the intense heat that day and whatever happened to the bird, had just left the wee thing exhausted.  I thought he might be a recent fledgling and had maybe got pecked at so that he couldn’t fly.  He seemed more exhausted than anything.

After a good drink I put the little bird into the wooden rat house with some fleece and tissues.  He went to sleep and slept for most of the afternoon.

I left him alone to nip to the shops to pick up some food for him, and when I came home, he was still enjoying dozing and seemed very comfortable.

Blue tucked up for sleep

I brought in a few different foods to try with him after doing a bit of research online.  Some soaked dog food, birdseed, sunflowers etc. He had even pecked away at some melon.

He kept drinking whenever I offered him water, and he was now curiously looking around and taking in his new surroundings.

He knew he was safe now and I kept speaking to him in soft comforting tones.  He was happy to perch/sit on my hand anytime.

(Animals pick up on our intentions to help them if we communicate this to them.  When we speak and act gently they are quick to relax and trust us).

I would stroke the little bird too, just lightly on its breast and his head.  He liked to hop onto my hand and just be with me, as I gave him a wee tour of the room.   I kept speaking to him, telling him I was helping him and that he was safe in a soft loving tone.

And so, my bedtime came and I said goodnight to the little bird.  I left him out a variety of food and a water bowl.

A young jackdaw

The next morning I awoke early, around 5am, and was keen to check on my little visitor in the living room!

The wee birdy looked more alert and was awake and content.  I don’t think he had eaten much.  I masticated some cashew nut in my mouth and he had a little of that.
I wanted him to have some strength for the potential flight home!

I called him Blue after his lovely blue eyes.

And so, flight training began!!!

I took Blue over to the sofa and bobbed my arm up and down a few times whilst encouraging him to fly over to the arm rest.  He did this successfully!

I then encouraged him to come back onto my hand and repeated the exercise a few times, each time encouraging him to fly to the arm rest.  He was perking up and seemed to be enjoying the ‘game’!

He managed this exercise well and I could see that after all his pruning, his wings were looking healthy, and he was able to fly perfectly!

After a few times, the little bird confidently stretched his neck up and looked well pleased with himself!  He squawked a few times and I knew it was time for him to leave me.

I took Blue over to the kitchen window and opened it wide.  Once he heard the sounds of the birds outside, he moved his head side to side as he began recognizing and registering a more familiar landscape of sound.

He made a few calls again.  Then we waited quietly.

I could hear Jackdaws in the distance, maybe a few blocks away, ‘replying’ in response to Blue’s calling.

Blue went silent.  Still waiting…

And then I would hear the Jackdaws a little closer again!

We must have been waiting for about 15 minutes, and at one point, I wondered if this little one might be abandoned?


2 adult jackdaws arrived on the phone line a few metres about the window!  The adults were looking around wondering where the little one was!  They could hear him but hadn’t spotted him yet as they excitedly kept looking!
I was saying, ‘Down here! Down here!  Look! Look, he’s here!’

And just then, all 3 of them were squawking loudly and excitedly for a few moments and Blue got so excited, he tried to get up on top of the window pane.  There was so much excitement and joy in the calls!  I could feel this joyful reunion inside of me, it was beautifully exhilarating and moving!

I gave Blue the last bit of help he needed from me, as I lifted him up onto the window sidebar.  A few more calls, and he flew upwards with the two adults simultaneously, all 3 flying away together….

I burst into tears!!!

It was just such a moving experience with a blend of sadness at the departure of my friend and yet, ecstatic joy for the reunion I had just been witness to!

As I watched, I saw Blue and his parents land a few gardens along.  I assume this would be a first landing rest before heading onto their territory and home.

A Jackdaw in flight

I can only hope that all went well for Blue as I know my little friend would have needed food to give him strength.  I am sure he was in good hands/wings now!

I am so grateful that I was able to help Blue get the rest he needed that day, and have a second chance at life.  The connection I felt with him as he gave me his unconditional trust and affection (in his own way), spoke volumes to my heart.

And now when I hear the jackdaws, I feel a heightened appreciation whilst tuning into their voices, and a deepened connection to the world of birds, which I am so fond of.

Adult Jackdaw

Taking care of an animal in need can have such a profound effect on our being and can seem like the gateway into another dimension almost.

They invite us into experiencing life from their perspective and we can learn so much from their alignment with nature.

They remind of us of our own deeper connection with the natural world in a time when we moved with our instincts and felt the energy from the earth through our feet and senses.

This ‘earthly’ connection has been dampened to a large extent, as we moved away from the natural world to build houses/cities and started wearing shoes.

Appreciating wild animals or taking care of them when they need us to, offers us the opportunity to connect with another species, in a way that fosters amazing connectedness and unconditional love.

They help to reconnect us to the wild a part of our selves that was once very attuned with the natural world.   They remind us of the world we can still be a part of.  A chance to return to Eden.  We left, but they didn’t.

As I stood at the window that day, with Blue perched on my shoulder and then my hand….as we both listened to the natural world. I got a sense of how different that place really is.  It’s like another dimension of existence we are not really living in anymore.  It can be brutal for sure, for the animals carving out a life, but there’s something so majestic, wild and beautiful too.  Perhaps the Creator, through the animals, is calling to us, calling us home….to return to the garden.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by Wenzel Peter, Vatican Museum

As we listened to the cacophony of sounds of the various species of birds, I said to Blue, ‘it’s a jungle out there little one, be careful!’

I wish you well my friend.  And thank you for your trust, your love, beauty and acceptance…….and for calling me (us) home.

Fly well, fly free, I love you always.

See you around!



How To Cultivate Happiness Everyday!

Like anything, I believe that happiness is a habit that you can practise.  Especially because we live in an age where we are constantly receiving messages and programming from our daily interaction with the world around us.  This includes thought forms through media and advertising.

We are also always on our mobile phones absorbing more information than ever before.

In this video I share my thoughts on how we can take responsibility for our happiness and practise certain habits that will help us cultivate better feeling thoughts leading to more balance and empowerment.